Monthly Archives: April 2016

Awesome place

  Awesome place         Awesome place Wonderful place Miraculous place Overwhelming place Where Jacob met Him Where we could meet Him Where we long to meet Him Where our breaths are taken away Where we are swept off our feet Where we experience Him In ways indescribable   That You may bring […]

Invocation of the Student

  Invocation of the Student       To Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael And Azariah Gave God Knowledge and understanding Of every kind Of literature and learning   Armed they become With all that that was Needed for success In any place   Give us O Lord Wisdom, knowledge And understanding   Good students to Make […]

Oh Spring – Thank God

We are grateful to the God of all season s who brings us different seasons around us and in life. Today my dear readers I throw in a poem on the season and also my very first haiku on Spring as well :   Oh Spring     Suddenly brown begins to change color Green starts […]

King Uzziah

King Uzziah       He was instructed In the fear of God He sought God God gave success As long as He sought Him     Proud he became No longer sought He the Lord Unfaithful he became Work of priests He tried to do His downfall he met A leper he became Oh […]


Corruption         Corruption from power Corruption from money Corruption from desire Corruption from ambition Corruption from motives Corruption from actions Corruption from situations Corruption from opportunities Corruption from circumstances (10/23/15)