Monthly Archives: November 2015


  Thanksgiving   Our thanks Yearly reminder Of that which we Should do everyday Nothing beating Being grateful So much thankfulness To be harvested Each time we try Thankful we must Be always To our God As we count Our daily blessings (10/16/15) Advertisements

Lake of Fire

Lake of Fire     The second death Ever burning fire A destination not preferred But chosen by default Names absent from The Book of Life After Judgement Before the Throne The Great White One The dead both great and small Make their appearance Satan’s final end Unending torment The wrath of God A date […]


Can     Can’t be done Can never be done Cannot be achieved Cannot work No one can do it No one ever will Impossible Unattainable Intractable Care to give It a try Give up too soon What is your mindset? (10/14/15)


Questions       How are you doing? Where are you going? Will you come tomorrow? How did this happen? Why did you do it? When will you come? Who is this person? What is your name? Which one is the solution? Where are you headed? What will all this lead to?     We […]