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Help     Through my despair Through my confusion Through my desires     I cried out I yelled out     To the world To the people To the country   I need help I need help   Who can come to my aid? Who can give me meaning?   I ran to the […]

Our world

  Our world     Violence Wickedness Fear Poverty Confusion Addictions Abuse Brokenness Perversion Sicknesses Deception Our world Our life Our being Suffers Jesus delivers Jesus saves (10/2/17)  


Manipulation       Black is white White is black Twisted is straight Straight is crooked Bad is good Good is bad Dark is light Light is dark Clean is dirty Dirty is clean   I am manipulated By the Chief Manipulator God help me God save me God deliver me (10/2/17)  


Darkness     No light No clarity No hope No peace No sun No joy No respite No end   Only God Brings the Light To clear the way (9/24/17)

God of beginnings

God of beginnings     Begin with me Begin with my life Begin with my wants Begin with my thoughts Begin with my desires Begin with my work Begin with my being   God begin God begin God begin in me (9/24/17)  


Peace     The tranquility The serenity The calmness The stillness The assurance The confidence The reassurance   Amidst the storm Amidst the tragedy Amidst the uncertainty Amidst the difficulties Amidst the darkness   That which surpasses   All human reasoning All human understanding All human contemplation All human consideration   That which comes from […]

Come to the banquet

Come to the banquet     Come To the banquet Come To the feast Come To the table Come To the Master   He invites You He summons You He implores You Even if you are good Even if you are bad   The Invitation is the same Come to the banquet Come to the […]