Echoes of a beautiful silver jubilee – Mart & Liz

Today as we celebrate the silver jubilee of our marriage I share with you a dedication from my archives as well as the latest poem on the occasion:


Mart & Liz


Ah ! What is this?

What is this I see?


What a beautiful sight!

Who are these sitting there

So gracefully

So gorgeously?


Do you want to know?

Ah yes I’ll tell you

It’s the

Young and youthful

Buoyant and beautiful

Vibrant and vivacious

Mart and Liz

Mr and Mrs Obeng



The glory of matrimony begins

To shine on them

A life-long journey has just began

So let us all then

Each with a prayer in the heart

Send them on this glorious trip

And wish them

A happy wedlock





Silver Jubilee Beauty




Twenty- five milestones of beauty

Twenty –five gem stones of beauty

Twenty-five divine stages of beauty

Twenty-five precious years of beauty

Twenty-five blessed years of beauty

Twenty-five married years of beauty

Twenty-five fulfilling years of beauty



Filled with His goodness

Filled with His miracles

Filled with His greatness

Filled with His provision

Filled with His protection

Filled with His guidance


God makes everything


In its time




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