Sowing and reaping


Sowing and reaping





You sow the wind

You reap the storm

You sow the rebellion

You reap the chaos

You sow the hard work

You reap the success

You sow the rejection

You reap the regret

You sow the arrogance

You reap the fall

You sow the lies

You reap the disgrace

You sow the kindness

You reap the gratitude

You sow the leadership

You reap the progress

You sow the encouragement

You reap the rewards

You sow the holiness

You reap the purity

You sow the integrity

You reap the trust

You sow the investment

You reap the dividends

You sow the love

You reap the care

You sow the faith

You reap the miracles

You sow the seed

You reap the harvest




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