When the year elapsing…



When the year elapsing

Does not bring you all

Wish for

Does not fulfil all your


Does deliver some shocks to

Your system

Does take away loved ones

Does give limited victories

Does hand down setbacks

Does give many mixed feelings

Does leave you many times

Not knowing whether to

Laugh or cry


We cannot abandon ship

We cannot abandon hope

We can still be grateful

To God

We can still trust in His

Abiding love

We can still look to the

Future with hope

In God






A year like no other

A year turned on its head

A year of turbulence

A year with a difference

A year of rejection of the status quo

A year of shocks

A year of the unpredictable

A year of the improbable

A year of changes all around

A year of violence

A year of xenophobia

A year of the Right

A year of the conservatives

A year of the anti-establishment

A year that has been

Everything but regular

Will the change be for

Now or for good?

What a year!





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