Messages of Christmas


Messages of Christmas





He is with Us


The Manger

God can go low for us.

We must be humble.


The Shepherds

God always leads

and protects Us.


The Angels

God never stops speaking

to Us.

He doesn’t leave us

in the dark.


Mary and Joseph

God deals and works

with us even if

we are regular folk.


The Star

God guides and guards Us.

His leading is always certain.



God uses the lowly

and forgotten.



God uses rulers to fulfil

His ends.

The heart of the king

is directed by Him.


Inn Keeper

God will visit you

and you may not know.



God has room for the

Wise and powerful


God has His messages

At Christmas




Christmas actors



The prophets

The Governor

The angels

The couple –

Mary and Joseph

The Inn keeper

The shepherds

The wisemen

The beneficiaries-

Us all



Hail Jesus



Hail baby

In the manger

Hail King

In the manger

Hail Messiah

Revealed to us

Hail Savoir

On the cross

Hail Returning Monarch

To take us to Heaven

Hail, hail, hail



Beautiful Story



Angel Gabriel

Appears to Mary

A Godly Son to be born

Joseph in a dream assured


The fullness of time

Compelled by a Roman census

Mary and Joseph

To lowly Bethlehem

They proceeded


The Baby Jesus

Being born in a manger

The promise of God

Fulfilled for us all

Salvation and deliverance

Has come

What a Story !





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