Holocaust 1

Holocaust Museum  – memories

(These are a series of haikus written in remembrance of a visit a while ago to the US Holocaust Museum)




The museum is an eerie

remembrance. Our sorrow

in what we can do.


An ID issued on entry

ensures you do not walk

uninvolved in the ordeal.



Hunted and shunted around

to an inglorious end. A

vista of pain and tragedy.


Painful stories recounted in

more pain. An outrage against

the Jewish people.


Loud voices of exuberant

Nazi youth. March they to

the bidding of their leaders.


Ugly memories of genocides

past and present. A promise

of nevermore betrayed.


Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda,

Darfur does not escape us.

Genocide is still present.


The constant ring of memories

in the ear. Long after visiting

an unforgettable place.


Holocaust 3



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