A winter tale (in the midst of a blizzard)




Song of W.S. Jonas





In the early afternoon

And it started to snow

And it snowed

And it snowed

All night long

The snow music played

Big boy

Winter Storm Jonas

The blizzard

Finally made his appearance

Mild at first

Snowy winds blowing

Sometimes strong

Sometimes calm

All night long

He sang and sang

He continues to do

His thing

Even as day has broken

As was foretold

In other places

Some havoc here

some havoc there

Our breaths we hold

Nature and all else

Drenched in white

knee deep

As his band marches on

Keep calm



All bow




Faced with

all the snow

Snow upon snow

Raining upon us

We contemplate

Once again

The Power of the Almighty

Written clearly

In the events of nature

Our best efforts as puny humanity

In all we have deployed

To withstand and contain

Remains largely inadequate

Winter Storm Jonas

Batters us



In every piece and event of nature


His Majesty

His Splendor



Without exception

Bow to him

And will bow

To Him

Again on that Great Day

Of  His Coming




Jesus as judge



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