Merry Christmas-2015 Collection

christmas decoration

Christmas –yesteryear childhood



Memories sweet

Well up and up

Sweet childhood

Ghana, Africa everywhere


Parties upon parties

Food upon food

Caroling in the vicinity

Lots of mirth and excitement

Nativity plays acted

In school and in church

Visits to friends

Visits to relatives

Travels to the village

Attendance to packed churches

Setting off fire crackers

In the neighborhood

New clothes and shoes


Joy Joy Joy



Peace @ Christmas



A calm assurance

A reassurance

An untroubled feeling

In the midst of trouble

A good feeling

A quiet inner voice

A lack of continued resistance


Our Savior

The Prince of Peace

Made His entry

At Christmas

He brought His peace

And calmly offered it

To us

On a Roman Cross

Breaking the dividing wall

Of hostility

To reconcile us to God

Jesus of Peace

Jesus of Christmas

Our Peace at Christmas

And Always





Hail Immanuel

Truly you are

Really with us

Your birth which

We remember

And your subsequent sacrifice

Changed the game

Forever for us all


Thank you


Christmas story 1


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