Blessed Easter

Jesus on the cross 1

Significant pieces in a defining journey

Triumphant entry into Jerusalem
Betrayed at a Supper
Agony in a Garden
Trial at a hasty Court
Appearance before a Potentate
Whipped and mocked by the military
The Ultimate price
Was inflicted on Him
For my sin
He who knew no sin
The king of kings and
The Lord of lords


Last Supper
Last Supper with the
Inner Circle
Last Supper with the
Last Supper before
A painful crucifixion
Do this in remembrance
Of Me
The Master intoned
Today in His constant
And His ever living presence
Celebration of this Event
Subsist regularly
Whenever those who bear
His Name
Gather in reverence


The Curtain

His agonizing cry
Broke the charged silence
As He gave up
His most precious
For us

In obedience to a
Divine prompting
The Curtain broke
From top to bottom
A shaking of the earth
To give up its dead
A Roman’s amazement
Broke into the awesome stillness
Truly this was the Son of God
A path had been opened
A barrier forever breached
An access had been granted
To my Father
I proceed directly
To fellowship
With Him
Thank you
My Saviour.
He remembers you


Remember me when you
Enter your Kingdom
The criminal on the cross appealed

To his succor
Jesus immediately came
And to him who had
Sinned like us
He took to His Home

He will remember
If you will ask Him

God's care 2


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