Ebola -their sacrifice

These poems are dedicated to healthcare personnel who are helping patients with Ebola including those who have succumbed to the disease and also Dr. Martin Salia who died from the disease last week.

Ebola healthcare workers

Ebola- their sacrifice

Amidst the raging
Storms of a virulent disease
With a haunting name
No cure found yet
Taking down so many
The fires not abating
They placed themselves
They placed their lives
In harm’s way

Medical personnel
Social responders
Answering the call
Of duty
Answering the call
Of humanity
To do their best
To help the stricken
To ease the suffering
Of their compatriots
Of those they do not
As we await the cure

Dr. Martin Salia
And so many others
From far and near
They have come
To make this sacrifice

A country thanks
A continent thanks
A grateful humanity thanks

Dr.Martin Salia

Dr. Martin Salia

You did not reside
In the homeland
Sierra Leone
You did not have
to leave your family
And go

But for the love of God
The love of country
The love of your people
You heeded the call
You went to their aid
You succumbed
To Ebola
Rest in peace



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