Maya Angelou- 1928 -2014

The news of the passing of this phenomenal woman left me quite stunned. This is because I read her posts on Facebook all the time and her last post was only a couple of days back where she hinted that she was not very well but added she was on the mend.
For me Maya has been an inspiration since I heard her speak many years ago in Ghana. Her powerful poetry helped me to bond with her as a kindred soul -lovers and writers of poetry. Her performances of her poetry and her very insightful and wise words always left me drinking deep into them. I took inspiration from her to use my God-given talents liberally and in the service of humanity. There is no better tribute to her good memory left for me to pay than to continue in the path that she taught me even from afar. She left so much for us to ponder on.
God bless you Maya Angelou . Rest in peace !

I present a poetic tribute in her memory:



Mama Maya
Auntie Maya
Grandma Maya
Teacher Maya

In this life
You inspired us
You advised us
You encouraged us
You taught us

Such beauty
Such power
Such oratory
Such intellect
Wonderful woman
Wonderful soul

Thank you
For all you gave
Thank you
For all you left
Thank you
Thank you
You now belong
To the Ages
Rest in peace


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