Christian showmanship


Christian Showmanship

May I introduce to you
God’s man of our time
The preacher of the hour
The great evangelist
Mrs, Rev, Mr, Dr
Who has travelled widely
In Britain, America, and Europe
Let’s give him a hand
Then the roars and claps and ovations

This beautiful sister
Is a pillar of the faith
And is charitable
As her name goes
God has used her so greatly
To bless us at various times
May we listen to her angelic voice
Then the roars and claps and ovations

Christians are in show business
Why, why, why?
Because the world advertises
So we can do the same

Today we build and destroy
Great men of God
With our flattery and sophistry
Messages vary according to extent
Of popularity with audiences
A big word for the clappers
A small word for the others

The methods of the world
Have never succeeded with Christendom
And we stand to lose
In the end

Brethern let us use our old tools
Of simplicity and humility for
Jesus was no showman
Venerating none of the sons of
Mortal men
And Christendom stands to gain


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