The Women

The women stood there
With their embalming ointments
Stupefied in amazement
The stone was rolled away
The body of Jesus was absent

Suddenly two men in shinning
Heavenly robes clad appeared
He isn’t here, he’s alive
Don’t you remember His word?

Recognition dawned on them
And joy flowed in their hearts
Like a bullet they shot off
All the way to Jerusalem

Excitedly they proclaimed
To disbelieving disciples
And shocked Jerusalemites
Jesus had risen indeed

He who…

He who would promise
To resurrect others
Must be a person much alive
And not capable of being held captive
By death’s icy hands

My Jesus rose up from death
On a fine Easter morning
He promises resurrection
And everlasting life
To all who would
Gladly come to Him for them
And His word is reliable




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