Tribute to an illustrious journalist- Komla Afeke Dumor (1972-2014)

Komla Afeke Dumor was a Ghanaian broadcast journalist who worked for the BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) from 2007. He was the anchor for the Focus on Africa program. He suddenly died exactly a week ago today from a suspected heart attack. In his relatively short career, he endeared himself to a lot of listeners and viewers across Africa and Europe. His sudden death has greatly shaken all those who admired him. He was born in 1972.



The Komla A. Dumor Collection

Earthquake Komla

Like the massive 12-point


On that day

And even now

You shook our lives

Friends, colleagues, admirers

Our thoughts

Our being

Your father and siblings

Your Kwansema and the kids

All at the Epicenter

Have been left devastated

Our contemplation

Perplexed, petrified, pulverized

We contemplate this event

Who will Focus on Africa?

Who will announce to Europe?

A continent has been stirred

A nation has been struck

A family has been smitten

An Illustrious One

Has disappeared

Rest in peace

Hede nyuie


In pieces

We try to pick up

But it falls down

We try to gather

But it scatters

Our present grief

Our present predicament

We are in pieces

Celebrate Komla

We will celebrate


 Baritone voice

Intellectual giant

With the song of


With the song of


Great Son of Africa

You blazed the trail

You did your part

Thank God for your




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