Though a year…

We sadly recall the events of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut when Adam Lanza ruthlessly cut down 20 children and 6 teachers in a rampage. To commemorate this memorial, I publish a poem in their memory and republish some others written a year ago.


Though a year…

Though a year is passing

Our tears are still fresh

For you

Sweet little angels

And your bigger


Of Newtown

Your memory

Still lives on

Your deaths

Will not be

In vain

For the struggle

Will continue

To ensure that

This never happens



That morning

They went that morning

To impart knowledge

They went that morning

To receive knowledge

They all met that morning

Their murderer

We mourn you

America mourns you

Teachers and children

Of  Newtown

Your grief

Your grief

Is our grief

Your tears

Are our tears

Your mourning

Is our mourning




Of  Newtown, Connecticut

We stand with

You all



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