Nelson Mandela -the man

Nelson Mandela


Papa Mandela

  President Mandela

           Great Mandela

                Famous Mandela

                   Legendary Mandela

                       Amazing Mandela

Gone but not gone

Absent in our sights

Absent in physical form

Present in our thoughts

Present in our hearts


An enigma

In a world of

Entrances and exits

You made your way

Into this one

You have now exited

To enter the other

An enigma

You will always


And your name

Shall be mentioned

Only but among

Very few

The very few

Who have really

Made our world

A better place

Nelson Mandela


The Day After

It is the day after

And the feeling

Still remains

That lingering sense

Of what has happened

Madiba is gone

Madiba has departed

Our world is gone

Our world remains


Requiescat in pace



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