America Mine

American flag

America Mine

The Land

Land of destiny
Land of opportunity
Land of great people
Land of not –so- great
Land of fame
Land of infamy
Land of heroes
Land of non-heroes
Land of joy
Land of sorrow
Land of success
Land of failure
Land of similarities
Land of contrasts

The Country

Between the Atlantic and Pacific
Between the Great Plains
And the Coastal Plain
From the Rockies
To the Appalachians
Watered by the Missouri
And the Mississippi
Capped by the Great Lakes
A Great sprawling
Country was made
America was founded
A people have come
From many lands
A nation emerged

A People

From North to South
From East to West
A global people
Converge on a continent
Diverse but one
African American
European American
Asian American
Hispanic American
Irish American
Ghanaian American
Japanese American
Mexican American
Australian American

Testimony of their will
Testimony of their greatness
To make a country
To make a nation
Trusting in God
Crystallized in
Red, white and blue
The star spangled banner
Land of the free
Home of the brave
Americans we are

4th of July

Fourth of July
Brought forth Liberty
Not only for those afore
But for those come forth


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