Ghana @ 56

Ghana at 56
Ghana @ 56

To a 50- something year old
A birthday wish is sent
Your way
From North to South
From East to West
Your children
Say Ayekoo to you

We come with our similarities
We come with our differences
We come with our diversities
We come with our problems
We come with our solutions
Yet one people
We still are Ghanaians
United by history
United by traditions
United by the land area
We all live on

Though we still limp on
God bless our homeland

Ghana at 56 a

THe poem below was written on the eve of Ghana’s Golden jubilee celebration:

Muted Silence

Above the night-shaped trees
Rain-bows danced
In the skies
Boom, boom, spatter, crack
Red, yellow, green, blue
Heavens opening to swallow
Resplendent in majesty
Sirens screaming
Bikes and cars screeching
A nation agog
With excitement
Breaths held in waiting
Eve to the event

Ghana at 56 b


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