I reproduce two valentine poems written for my lovely wife a few years ago :


Because I declared my love for you years ago
Because we went on to tie the knot
Because we have vowed to love each other
Because we have always cared for each other
Because we have always looked out for each other
Because we have planned our lives together
Because we have stood together through thick and thin
Because it is only death that will part us
Because God is in control of our lives

You will always be my Valentine
To be loved and cherished
Today and Always

Sweet Valentine

If it has to be anyone
It will always be you
I will always be there
For you
On Valentine’s Day
And any other day

Below are freshly written poems on love and Valentine:

Day of…

Day of love
Day of power
Day of strength
Day of sharing
Day of sentiment
All in the name of love


Will Cupid’s arrows
Ever stray
When hearts are ready
To be hit on each day
Today is only
But one of them
Ever so powerful

Our Vals

Whether it be eros
Whether it be storge
Whether it be phileo
Our hearts
Our souls
Our beings
Are in the mix
Wonderful creation
By the Creator
Powerful sentiment
Happy Valentine

Ode to Val

We recognize you
Deep in the veins
Deep in the heart
Deep in the muscles
Deep in the body

Your movement
Our reactions
Our sentiments
About people
About our friends
About our Love
About our children
Sweet Valentine
Love forever


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