(This being the month of love, I present a few of the ‘love poems’ I have written)

Lovely one

Lovely one
Your smile is all I need
You entered the depths
Of my heart
And you stirred my being
I belong
To you
My thoughts are imprisoned
In your affections
You made my day.

Your charms

The tranquility of my
Soul was intact
Till your charms arrested me
Helpless, I surrender to my
Love of my life
I adore you
Love of my soul
I miss you

Princess of my dreams

Dainty princess of my dreams
Thoughts of you invade
My heart all the time
And I cannot escape them

I have been hunted and
Caught in your charms
Oh love that will not
Let me go
Oh affection that will not
give me release
my heart explodes
for you

And I cannot rest till
I continue to love you

Your very dimpled smiles
Embrace me
The blood in my vein races
To give my love
To you
Dear one
Sweet one
Your majesty


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