Christmas (Season’s greetings)

The Wisemen

It was not beneath their dignity
For Wisemen to travel from afar
To come to worship and adorn
No less than the Saviour
Of the world

The Shepherds

In the stillness of a cold night
Shepherds go to pay their
Due homage to the
New –born Saviour

The Saviour

A Saviour in a manger born
The beginning of the
Salvation of a depraved world
A grateful world’s thanks
To God
What a Saviour

Christmas Ingredients

If you have a prophecy
If you take a star
If you take a town
Called Bethlehem

If you take a willing
Mary and obedient Joseph
If you take an inn keeper
And a manger
If you take some shepherds
With sheep at night
If you take wisemen
With their gold, frankincense
And myrrh
Then you have a

Merry Christmas

800 seasons
Angel Gabriel
Mary Virgin
Joseph father
Baby Jesus
Bethlehem village
Shepherds watching
Angels speaking
Star shining
Wisemen giving
Merry Christmas


Quiet village
Small village
Great village
Hosted the Messiah
Visited by Wisemen

Your mention is
Your mention is

Who will look in Judah?

Who will look in Judah?
Who will look in Samaria?
Who will look in Jerusalem?
Who will look in Galilee?

For the new-born Saviour
They wouldn’t find anywhere else

In Bethlehem only
Can He be found
In Bethlehem only
Was it so prophesied

Room for us all

There was no room
In the inn itself
Except the lowly manger
For the Saviour to be born

Yet through His
Birth and death
He created a room
For us all

To find His pardon
To find His peace
To find His salvation
To find a future Home

Christmas story 2


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