The calmness
The gaiety
Of pre-Christmas schooling
Was shattered
By the bullet-filled
Hands of an American youth

Twenty flowers lay fallen
Six trees lay uprooted
A family duo gone
Our hearts broken
Our dreams shredded
Our hopes dashed
Our future

Rest in peace
Children and teachers
Of Newtown , Connecticut

That morning

They went that morning
To impart knowledge
They went that morning
To receive knowledge
They all met that morning
Their murderer

We mourn you
America mourns you
Teachers and children
Of Newtown


Visibly shaken
Once more
America asks
Such recklessness
Such wantonness
Such depravity

Why, why, why
As if it would
Bring back our dead

Our grief
Our desperation
Our revulsion
At this deed

Your grief

Your grief
Is our grief
Your tears
Are our tears
Your mourning
Is our mourning

Of Newtown, Connecticut

We stand with
You all
APTOPIX Connecticut School Shooting


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