We have come a long way

People travelling
We have come a long way

We have come a long, long way
From birth and toddling and walking
To what we are today
From doubting and trusting
And stumbling and rising
God has made us strong men today

It was His grace unbounded and our
Constant trust and our readiness
To trust the little light he shed on
Our way for each day that has
Brought us thus far on the way

We have yet some more of
The way to go with Him still
Before He brings our journey to its
Close on His appointed day

There is the temptation to stop
His daily graces trusting now
And rather believe we can
Make it to the end now ourselves
The tempter’s traps we fall in then

But may we not forget that when
We begin to feel most strong
Is when we are weakest

So may we always remember that
We have yet more to go
And only God can lead us through


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