Serenity @ 4


When all the embers of mourning die out, your perpetual flame of remembrance will always burn before me.- mko

(Today marks the 4th anniversary of the passing of my good friend , John Benjamin Annoh-Quarshie. As a tribute to his good memory. I re-produce some of the poetry written as a tribute to him)

                                                                    Serenity in triumph

When serenity has made its mark

and gone on

And the embers of a life have died down

The work of life would have come

to a screeching halt

My departed brother, friend would have

exited the stage

Life will continue his life

His works in minds and

hearts would live on

So goes on John


Mixed clouds

When sombre clouds crashed in my face

my world bereft of joy

Sorrow made its mark and enveloped

invasions of dry sighs in tow

Emptiness stripping off comfort

Heart pain after heart pain

tears after tears

A sea of reminiscences

unfinished plans , conversations haunting

Nowhere to hide

no parting words to ponder on

nothing but eerie stillness

Will it be tragedy or triumph

a legacy to espouse

Beloved John ahoy


Native son

Blown in the wind

Rustled lives

Cheered all

Annoyed few


What a tale




  1. RIP good friend

  2. Tony Bates · · Reply

    Cofi do you think that the Aurora shooter was under the influence of cannabis?

    1. Hi Tony,
      The news report mentioned the cannabis found in his blood. It could be a spur to enable him commit the act itself but beyond that he is supposed to be a brilliant chap who planned this deed over time. At the moment he is supposed to be mentally unstable.

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